Saturday, August 22, 2009


I have been wanting Illamasqua since before it came to & I just couldn't justify paying that international shipping fee and such. Well, coincidentally the next few days I found out it was coming to Well, I don't really like buying makeup online without seeing the colors & such so I was like bummer, well I guess I'll just buy it online. THENNNNN, I see that it's coming to some sephora retailers before Christmas. And although it's not coming to the sephora nearest me, Illamasqua is coming to the sephora nearest my sister where she just moved!! SOOOO EXCITED! So I thought I should share what I want!

WARNING: I wish I was rich enough to get everything [trust me, I would] but, I can't so here are some things I want. ANDD sephora can only have a certain amount of sku's from each brand so everything from Illamasqua isn't on check out their website for everything! I might end up buying some creme eyeshadows from their website because they don't sell it on :[

Eyeshadows $20
Their eyeshadows look SOOO pigmented. We will have to see when we get into the store to swatch! The colors I want:
I wish I could own all of them :[

Blushes & Cream Blushes $23
Cream Blushes!
Sealing Gel $12
This product looks really unique & a must try! It's a sealing gel that you put over your powdered products so they last all day!

Nail Polish $14
I've heard nothing but good news about these nail polishes. Enough said!
And I will probably see more in person that I like! uh oh...

Pigments $24

And, I'm really tempted to try out their Cream Foundation, Liquid Foundation, and Primer. Just because I'm always looking out for that perfect foundation but that might have to wait until I get all of these items :] So overall, I'm super excited for when they get Illamasqua in because I hear that it could be the next "mac". I really like the unique packaging on this line, but I wish they came out with palettes because I loveee palettes :] And it might be kind of hard to store, but we'll see :]

I'm actually kind of scared to go into Sephora once they get Illamasqua in because I might just end up walking out with everything! So as you can probably tell, I am going to have to save up big time for when they get this line in.

Do you think you guys will get anything from Illamasqua? What do you think of this line?

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