Thursday, April 29, 2010

I need a new camera

LONG TIME NO TALK! The main reason why I am so lazy updating the blog and doing swatches, etc. is that the digital camera I have now, I don't really like and it doesn't take that good quality pictures. So this friday, I believe I am going to go on a hunt for a good camera that takes decent videos as well here are some of the ones I have been looking at:

-This camera I have been eyeing for quite awhile because it takes really good pictures, yet has HD filming as well. I don't necessarily NEED the HD videos...but it's a nice little option!

-I also have been looking into this one as well because I believe this is one of the videos Lorraine uses on her day in the life vlogs and it is such nice quality! Another added bonus is the screen on the front so you can make sure you look good in the pictures [LOL]

Anyways, I am not that knowledgable in the technical field so if you have any suggestions for any digital cameras that would be wonderful! Thanks so much for reading.


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