Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tarte Lip Stain Review

Tarte Lip Stain in Charmed $24

I bought this a few weeks ago at sephora because I love wearing color on my lips, but I don't really like having that sticky feeling on my lips or having to apply it over and over again. NOTE: I have superrrrrr dry lips and I noticed on the packaging it says it increases the moisture in your lips as well.

After using it a few times, I am in LOVEEE! I love the color, it's a soft pink very wearable for everyday, moisturizing, and stays on for hours! Most of the lip stains I have tried either fade, bleed, or they make me look as if I had just eaten a Popsicle. This doesn't do any of that! It looks as if you are wearing a gloss, but it just stays on forever & this is especially good for summer it's a nice pink!

Will I buy it again?Absolutely! I want to pick up a few more colors as well! I really recommend these, this is the best stain I have ever tried!

What are your thoughts on lip stains?


DISCLAIMER: Was purchased by me. My thoughts.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Monday (Saturday Night) Poll 5.7.10

I know it's not Monday, but I figure by the time it rolls around to Monday...I will have forgotten to do this post and so here it is!

Mood: Bored and lazy, I really don't feel like getting up to do anything. I should go to sleep but, I never sleep haha

Your last purchase: Hmm besides food, I think it was the Blushables by NYC (See post before this one) and bathing suit and underwear from Victoria Secret.

Favorite loose or pressed powder: Pressed; I am loving my Chanel Pressed Powder at the moment.

Emo guys — hawt or not? not

Eyes: (All Urban Decay) Sellout, YDK, Twice Baked & MAC's Shroom as a highlight.
Lips: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment
Cheeks: NYC Blushable in South St Seashell & MAC's Eversun Blush

Biggest pet peeve: When people take forever and you keep waiting on them.

Your last text message: Okayy - haha how boring!

Your next trip: I think to LA for IMATS!

Outfit: I'm lounging around waiting to go out so, I have a fancy tank top on and sweats (until I change) - haha how cute lol

Weekly goals: Save $$ (Attempting a project 5 pan - yes a 5 pan hah), basically need to stop spending my money so recklessly, get a tan, and continue to blog!

Blog Haul (New Series) - Ulta

Gotta show off the bag - haha

So I wanted to start this new little "series" on my blog. Just small hauls that either I am too lazy to do a video on, too small, not that important, or what have you. This happens to be a little mini Ulta Haul with the NYC Creme Blushables. Sometimes I may include a little review if I have tried it already, if not I will do a follow up review. I think this may be good just because sometimes I forget to add stuff in hauls if it has been a long time, you know the drill lol.

The three colors I got were South St Seashell, Big Apple blush, and Plaza Pink

SWATCHES (from left to right): South St Seashell, Big Apple Blush, Plaza Pink

Now, I've got to admit - I only bought these beause I saw michele1218 (on YouTube) buy these and she really liked them. I probably would have never found these if it weren't for her because I checked my local CVS AND Target and they didn't have any of the colors out. I stopped buy my Ulta and they had all of the permanent colors, they didn't have the ones that michele1218 talks about because that was part of their summer collection I believe.

REVIEW: I only tried the South St Seashell and that was for the first time today. So I might do a further review later on but based on the consistency and how well it went on I really like these so far! I have tried MACs cremeblushes and clinique and some other brands. And honestly, I tend to stay away from the creme blushes because I feel when I apply them they begin to look spotchy and uneven, almost as if I rubbed my cheek unevenly. These went on so smooth and you don't have to set it, but I did with mine it went on amazingly! I used my fingers and a brush and they both worked fine.

Now, I was skeptical of purchasing these at first just because I have had bad luck with the creme blushes but at 3.99 for amazing quality. Who can go wrong!? I really do like these and I recommend these as well! Give it a try, they are a lot cheaper than the competitors! I believe you can get these at CVS, mine just didn't have them out yet.

Thanks for reading

DISCLAIMER: Everything was purchased by me.

Monday, May 3, 2010

What would you like to see?

I'm making some pasta roni at midnight so I thought I would do a quick blog post.

What are some things that you would like to see most on my blog?
-Random posts

I'm just curious as to what you guys would like to see most here. I am going to get in the swing of be honest I feel as if I forgot about my blog! But I'm back in action and ready to start blogging daily again! Summer is almost here [4 weeks to be exact] but for me I don't really get much a summer because I work a lottt. Just can't wait to have some much needed vacation time!

WELP I think my pastas about to burn so thanks so much for reading!