Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I need help

I was thinking about the post I posted yesterday (about making this blog a more personal blog, and posting my swatches & reviews on luuux) and I'm sitting in class and luuux is kind of hard to follow if I want to post all my swatches on there - I mean I still will of course but I really want somewhere to post all swatches & reviews that's easy to follow and find and accessible to everyone.

So what I need help with is what's easier for you guys to follow? Should I just post everything on here and mix in personal posts here? Orrr I don't know :( I need your help!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New changes for this blog...

So as many of you probably know about the whole luuux thing if not click here! That website has now turned into my "makeup blog", it's where I post most of my swatches & mini reviews because I can't upload videos everyday like I wish I could, I post 2-3 posts a day on products I'm loving or hating.

So what to do with this blog now? It's going to be more of a personal blog - where you can read about what I'm doing and I will post more important swatches here as well like MAC collections, BOS, you know the bigger items that everyone will want to see :]

So what do you think? Should I keep posting everything here or make this more personal like upload pictures from my week and stuff?

Pictures from the wedding over the weekend:


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Apple products! Ipad, itouch, iphone? Give me your thoughts!

To get pictures from my camera onto my computer without the cord, which is still lost somewhere in my room (I hope). I was looking around on my laptop - which is still fairly new and I don't like to read manuals or anything like that but I found an SD card slot! And it fits my cameras SD card (or are they all the same?) so I'm going to upload some pictures, edit some videos while I wait for my next class.

My laptop is pretty big and heavy it's a Sony (Not sure which model) but it is a 15.5 inch screen and carrying it from class to class is doing some work on my shoulder. I was thinking about buying a netbook for school, but then I figured it's just another mini laptop and I don't really need a whole other laptop just for school and I just bring my laptop for entertainment on my breaks or if I need to look something up for class. I have internet and everything on my blackberry so I started to think, what about an ipad? They have a separate keyboard you can purchase so in realty it is sort of like a mini laptop but a lot more smaller and light weight. And since I mainly use it for entertainment, I think I'm going to start saving up for one.

On another note - apple just released a new itouch, one that I have been waiting with a camera! And it's HD recording! It says you can record, edit, and upload directly from your itouch and it has face time. But I have Verizon and have been waiting for the iphone to come to verizon which rumors - that have been confirmed that the iphone is coming to verizon sometime next year! I've heard January and other months but if that's the case I might as well wait for the iPhone! But the itouch looks so cool! I might stop in the apple store and check it out!

Anywhoooo, thanks for reading my technology ramble!