Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Transitioning to my tumblr...

I know I know...I am really bad at updating my blog.  SO I found  a new alternative!  Follow my tumblr http://www.lifeasjenn.tumblr.com

I seriously update my tumblr at least twice a day with either pictures or just a quick post usually what people blog about but I am never really at home enough to just sit down and blog so I downloaded tumblr onto my ipad and phone so I literally update my tumblr so much now, I'm addicted!

SO what I've done is made my tumblr like my follow me around vlog type thing I show what I'm doing all day long and stuff like that and this blog is going to be more makeup related like what I take pictures for swatches and stuff like that so go follow my tumblr if you want to follow me around more :]

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Time for a post....

My cousin is a growing photographer and loves to take pictures.  She wanted to go to a place where she had been thinking of taking pictures and I was up to be her little model (def not a model....this is my first time posing in front of a camera for someone).  So here are some pictures....and there are more to come follow me on tumblr : http://wwww.lifeasjenn.tumblr.com to see the rest and my daily follow me around vlog type stuff! So enough about me talking...here are some pictures!

OH and here is my cousins tumblr too if you want to see more of her photographer pictures too! http://www.blealow.tumblr.com

Let me know if you want to see more in the comments below!