Friday, September 25, 2009

MAC Magic, Mirth, and Mischief Holiday 2009 Kits

Wow, so many exciting and good collections are coming out sooo close together. I'm hating but loving it! My credit card is lovinggg their collections. Anyone else think that they should come out like every few months instead of every 2 weeks? It's kind of an overkill but it's good that they are at least coming out with good ones.

So after the D Squared collection comes out on October 15, 2009 MAC is releasing yet another collection the Magic, Mirth, and Mischief Holiday 2009 Kits. Seriously MAC, do you know how much I love palettes?! PLUS these are such great stocking stuffers and christmas presents! I'll probably end up picking up a few extra for Christmas presents :] I would DEFINITELY go the day it comes out because these little babies sell FAST! Okay anyways, here's my list:

  • I'm not too interested in the lip palettes but possible for gifts!
  • The cheek colors are questionable, so I will have to check both of these in the store
  • Other than that the eyeshadow kits are alllllll mine :D

6 Sorceress Eye Shadows

6 Devil May Dare Warm Eye Shadows

6 Mystic Cool Eye Shadows

6 Smoke and Mirrors Eye Shadows

For right now we'll go with:

Hocus Focus Colourful Face Kit

Lip kits are $22
Eyeshadow Kits are $36
Face Kits are $38

To wrap everything up, they are pretty expensive but you have to think about how many colors and shades you're getting and they are all really good deals!

What do you think you'll be getting from this collection?

Thanks for reading!!

PS after this I think I may have to take a break from MAC!

NOTE: ALL PICTURES ARE CREDITED TO TEMPTALIA.COM - to see descriptions of the kits.

Style Black Collection

At first, when I read about this on I was super excited and planned to get everything. As the launch date came closer and closer I just wasn't too excited because of the things I've been hearing so this is what I got!
  • 2 Ash Exfoliaters [1 for me and 1 for my sister
  • 1 Thermal Mask
These are already sold out at so call your store ASAP!
  • Grease Paint Stick
  • Baby Goth Girl Nail polish [black with purple sparkles]
Next up is D Squared!!!! said it comes out on Monday September 28. But, when I asked my MAC they said Oct 1st [which makes more sense since it's a Thursday] I'm going to call on Monday :D. See my list a few posts before this one!

I'm so excited you have no idea.

What did you get from Style Black?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Updated Wants List!

I decided that I'm going to do another "What I want" List because not only does it help me [trust me, there are probably hundreds of stickies in my notebook and on my desk of lists! I need one area to write them down] but it always allows you guys to see what my style of makeup is, what's new, what's in style, stuff like that. It's mainly going to be clothes & makeup but we'll see!

First off, I should probably tell you guys I just ordered yesterday my Mehron palette & Stars Makeup Haven eyeshadows! Sooo excited!! I'm going to be doing some halloween tutorials, any ideas for me?

1. Style Black

2. D SQUARED!!! [See previous post]

3.Coastal Scents Palettes [I found a reliable Ebay seller, for much much cheaper! I've been eyeing a few different ones.]

4. Some Coastal Scents Brushes
5. Opi for sephora nail polish

6. Smoke & Diamonds E/S [Still on line thankfully!]

7.Sigma Naughty in black Travel kit [good for your purse! & traveling]

8. More eyeshadows :P [We can never have enough!]

9. Organizational items for my room! I'm in an organizing frenzy!!
10. Urban Decay Book of Shadows

11. More Kat Von D Palettes [I LOVEE this, they're amazing!!]
-True Love

So, OBVIOUSLY I'm not going to get this all at once, this is just kind of a complied things I've been eyeing. What have you guys been eyeing? I especially wan the Kat Von D palettes, because ever since I bought Beethoven I've been wanting the other ones!!

Should I make more blog posts like this? Or no. Lemme know :]

Thanks for reading!

D Squared Collection

Who is ready for this collection? It was originally supposed to come out on October 14th or sometime in October, but is now releasing on September 28th. Yes, you read correct!! I'm SOOOOOO excited you guys have no idea!!!! Honestly, everyone has been talking about the style black collection, but I am wayyyy more excited for D Squared! Are you guys?!

Here's my little wishlist [For pictures, check out temptalia for the D Squared]

1. Lipstick: Nude Rose [This looks soo gorgeous, I might have to pick up two!]
2. Tinted Lip Conditioner: Fuchsia Fix Deep pink sheen [A little darker than I would normally go, but gorgeous!]
3. Both of the Sculpt & Shape Powders [I missed these when they came out before!]
4. The blue & purple Grease Sticks [I will be getting the black today!]
5. Kohl Power: Feline [Everyone raves & I must try!]
6. Brush: 165 [This is LE]

So overall, you can probably tell I'm pretty stoked about this collection because I have almost everything from the collection on my list! I have not been this excited in a long time for a collection!! With that said, I don't think I'm going to get much from the Style Black collection today, just some of the LE items. I wish they hadn't put these collections so close together because now I'm going to be broke! But it's so worth it :]

Thanks so much for reading!

What are you going to get from the D Squared Collection? Or Style black?


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Layout & Update!

Sorry I've been MIA guys!
I was doing sooo good with the updating blog...but then school started. School has taken over my life! haha the only time I have to edit, upload videos, and add to my blog are while I'm at work. And even there it's getting pretty busy. So I promise I'm alive!

I was just want to make a shoutout to all of my amazing followers here on my blog and on youtube!! I just hit over 300 subscribers!!! And's not a lot but I'm SOO excited. I'm having a contest so soon guys I promise I just need to get all the prizes together! I love you guys!

I filmed a haul today, and sneak peek I bought Revlon Colorstay Foundation because I've heard nothing but good things about it. I did buy a little bit of a pinky tone but it's amazing! so far...we'll see!

Thanks so much for reading guys! Love ya xoxoxo

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MAC Jin Soon Choi: Beyond Jealous

My absolute favorite nail polish, not even just for fall! It comes off almost black but if you look closely it's green! I've gotten a lot of compliments on this! This color is really similar to the OPI by sephora color dark room.

What's your favorite fall nail polish?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

August Favorites!

I'm really sad that August is over :[ but excited for the new school year! ...that's what I say now haha!

What are your favorites of August?

MAC Jin Soon Choi: For Fun

I absolutely adore this color! At first, I thought it was too dark, but it's a perfecttt fall color for me! I don't really like wearing browns and colors like that so when I saw this color I knew I had to get it! It's called For Fun. I love it!

Did you guys get any nail polishes from this collection? Or What's your favorite Fall nail color?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rimmel Purples & Plums

Products Used:
Neutrogena's Skin Soothing Eye Tints
-Silverbleu Shadestick from MAC
-Rimmel London Quad: Smokey Purples
-Almay Eyeliner
-LashBlast Mascara