Thursday, September 24, 2009

D Squared Collection

Who is ready for this collection? It was originally supposed to come out on October 14th or sometime in October, but is now releasing on September 28th. Yes, you read correct!! I'm SOOOOOO excited you guys have no idea!!!! Honestly, everyone has been talking about the style black collection, but I am wayyyy more excited for D Squared! Are you guys?!

Here's my little wishlist [For pictures, check out temptalia for the D Squared]

1. Lipstick: Nude Rose [This looks soo gorgeous, I might have to pick up two!]
2. Tinted Lip Conditioner: Fuchsia Fix Deep pink sheen [A little darker than I would normally go, but gorgeous!]
3. Both of the Sculpt & Shape Powders [I missed these when they came out before!]
4. The blue & purple Grease Sticks [I will be getting the black today!]
5. Kohl Power: Feline [Everyone raves & I must try!]
6. Brush: 165 [This is LE]

So overall, you can probably tell I'm pretty stoked about this collection because I have almost everything from the collection on my list! I have not been this excited in a long time for a collection!! With that said, I don't think I'm going to get much from the Style Black collection today, just some of the LE items. I wish they hadn't put these collections so close together because now I'm going to be broke! But it's so worth it :]

Thanks so much for reading!

What are you going to get from the D Squared Collection? Or Style black?



  1. MAC DSquared Collection is definitly already out! It came out on Monday the 28th. I saw in your youtube video that you weren't sure about the release date. I live in Boston it was relased on Monday over here. Some things are already sold out! Hit up your nearest MAC store. I did yesterday, and bought up all the items on my wish list from that collection. Happy Hauling!

  2. ohmygosh! iknow i called on Monday to double check :D but im so mad i got everything BUT the feline eyeliner so i have to go back! hahah