Thursday, September 24, 2009

Updated Wants List!

I decided that I'm going to do another "What I want" List because not only does it help me [trust me, there are probably hundreds of stickies in my notebook and on my desk of lists! I need one area to write them down] but it always allows you guys to see what my style of makeup is, what's new, what's in style, stuff like that. It's mainly going to be clothes & makeup but we'll see!

First off, I should probably tell you guys I just ordered yesterday my Mehron palette & Stars Makeup Haven eyeshadows! Sooo excited!! I'm going to be doing some halloween tutorials, any ideas for me?

1. Style Black

2. D SQUARED!!! [See previous post]

3.Coastal Scents Palettes [I found a reliable Ebay seller, for much much cheaper! I've been eyeing a few different ones.]

4. Some Coastal Scents Brushes
5. Opi for sephora nail polish

6. Smoke & Diamonds E/S [Still on line thankfully!]

7.Sigma Naughty in black Travel kit [good for your purse! & traveling]

8. More eyeshadows :P [We can never have enough!]

9. Organizational items for my room! I'm in an organizing frenzy!!
10. Urban Decay Book of Shadows

11. More Kat Von D Palettes [I LOVEE this, they're amazing!!]
-True Love

So, OBVIOUSLY I'm not going to get this all at once, this is just kind of a complied things I've been eyeing. What have you guys been eyeing? I especially wan the Kat Von D palettes, because ever since I bought Beethoven I've been wanting the other ones!!

Should I make more blog posts like this? Or no. Lemme know :]

Thanks for reading!

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