Friday, May 7, 2010

Monday (Saturday Night) Poll 5.7.10

I know it's not Monday, but I figure by the time it rolls around to Monday...I will have forgotten to do this post and so here it is!

Mood: Bored and lazy, I really don't feel like getting up to do anything. I should go to sleep but, I never sleep haha

Your last purchase: Hmm besides food, I think it was the Blushables by NYC (See post before this one) and bathing suit and underwear from Victoria Secret.

Favorite loose or pressed powder: Pressed; I am loving my Chanel Pressed Powder at the moment.

Emo guys — hawt or not? not

Eyes: (All Urban Decay) Sellout, YDK, Twice Baked & MAC's Shroom as a highlight.
Lips: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment
Cheeks: NYC Blushable in South St Seashell & MAC's Eversun Blush

Biggest pet peeve: When people take forever and you keep waiting on them.

Your last text message: Okayy - haha how boring!

Your next trip: I think to LA for IMATS!

Outfit: I'm lounging around waiting to go out so, I have a fancy tank top on and sweats (until I change) - haha how cute lol

Weekly goals: Save $$ (Attempting a project 5 pan - yes a 5 pan hah), basically need to stop spending my money so recklessly, get a tan, and continue to blog!

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