Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So I know that IMATS 2010 - Pasadena just passed, and yet I'm already planning for next years IMATS that's going to be in New York! BTW, I am going to do a post on IMATS recap from alst weekend, I'm just not at home at the moment. So I do live on the west coast and Pasadena is a lot closer to me than New York but here's my justification. I've ALWAYS wanted to go to New York, so this is another excuse to go! I missed out on a couple vendors at this recent IMATS because it was so packed and too long of a wait. Hopefully I'll be able to stay for a couple extra days after IMATS to do some New York shopping! Wooooo!

Is anyone else going to be going to IMATS in New York next year?

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  1. I am going too! I just bought my tickets so excited!!! xoxo Camille @ nevernaked.blogspot.com