Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Keeping up with...Jenn!

This blog is WAY more updated than my YouTube pretty much because I'm a busy girl. I have school, work, boyfriend, and inbetween all of that I rarely have time to relax and when I do I take full advantage of it. I'm trying to get better on making more time to record videos, edit, all that jazz but believe me if you make videos yourself you know there's a LOT of time that goes into making one video. Blogging for me is my passion and love and will always be! I also have the ability to update my blog from my phone which makes it a lot easier as well.

The uses for my blog:
-Mini Hauls
-Personal life
-twitpics (but better! because I have more than 140 characters to show you guys what I'm doign :D)
-and randomness

My blog I try to keep more beauty related because I know that's what everyone likes to read and that's what it'll mainly be. But I do like to throw in some fun personal posts here and there as well. As for my posts I do like to keep them short and sweet because I am no professional and I'm not trying to be. So my posts are based off of my personal usage and reactions to that product. I like to just show the swatch and put a short insert of my thoughts on the product. I really don't like sitting here reading for pages and pages of one lipstick and how well it works. If it works it works! If it doesn't it doesn't, simple as that. That's just my thought on blog posts you don't need a fancy explanation of a certain product.

So...how to updated with me:
1. Follow my blog! I post here as much as I can! I want to make it so you can just search my blog for a particular swatch and find it!
2. Follow my twitter! I tweet a lot...probably TOO much but I love twitter, I'm always on!
3. SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel, I may not post as much but I'm trying :D

and if you guys have any requests, questions, or suggestions email me: themakeup101@yahoo.com

Thanks for listening :D

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