Monday, December 20, 2010

At home waxing!

I needed to get rid of my lip hair one day and I usually bleach the hair but my coworkers told me that waxing is a lot better because you don't even see the hair. I always thought it would grow back thicker and thicker...well to make a long story short, I went to Sally's to get wax and came across Surgi Wax Remover for face. Here's how to do it:

Here is what it comes with:

Put it in the microwave until it gets soft. (Read the instructions for the time for your microwave) Test it out on your skin before applying to the lip area.

Here's what it looks like after the microwave:

Here it is on!

Final conclusion:
I think it is a good process for a beginner and at home waxing. The only thing was it took multiple times to microwave it a total of like a minute extra than it said on the instructions. I was scared to pull it off myself knowing exactly when the pain was to come but it wasn't so bad! It cools to a hard plasticy like texture then you rip it off like a bandaid! Pulled the majority of the hair off my lip but not all because I was too scared! haha I would use this again though!


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  1. Have you tried the at home kits with the wax already on them? I use the ones by Sally Hansen and love them. I use them on my face and on my husband's brows.