Sunday, November 8, 2009

Random - My First Konad Stamp!

Okay, I swear it came out perfect at first! And then, I put on a clear coat on top and I forgot that it was still wet and I smudged it :[. It's really easy to use this was my first stamp ever! The first time I tried though, I waited too long to stamp it and the nail polish dried so you literally have to put the nail polish on the design, scrape, and RIGHT away stamp it.

Another thing I noticed, is that the smaller sized designs are kind of big! As you can see in the picture the bow is literally the size of my nail going diagnally. So it was kind of difficult trying to line it up perfectly, but other than that I loved the bows <3.

Tomororw I am going to film my little haul & show a demonstration and I was thinking hot pink with black zebra? Hmm, we'll see tomororw! I'm super excited to have this Konad stamp kit. My sister and I have been contemplating on getting it for literally 4 months. And I don't know what urged me to get it this time but I'm so mad I didn't get it earlier! Now to just save more money to get more colors and designs :D

What colors/design should I do?



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