Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sneak Peak - Video On Sunday

Guess what came in the mail today...

I was so excited I ripped open the package and started stamping! It's amazinggg! I wish I had the money to buy every pattern and nail polish! But this will have to do for now :] First of all, super fast shipping! Guys, I ordered this Wednesday NIGHT and it came TODAY [Friday]. WOW, I was estimated it to come around Tuesday or Wednesday of next week! It took ONE DAY! That is amazinggg! Anyways, this will be my video for Sunday a haul/review/demonstration. I want to show you guys how this works because it is so cool! And no, I did not get sent this I bought it!
Oh, P.S. I bought this off
Do you guys own any Konad stuff? If so, what do you have/like?

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