Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye won't be missed

I sit here and look back and the things that I have done and things that have happened in the past year. A lot has happened, I have started new by leaving my boyfriend of two years to start something new, not be tied down and experience new things. I have had my heart broken (by another boy), which was a new experience and have learned MANY new things about myself and others. If I were to make a blog post about that, that would probably be a novel in itself! Many things have changed in just a short amount of time, which makes me wonder what will happen in 2010?

I don't think I will miss 2009. 2009 was different for me, something new happened everyday and as I recollect from the year, most of it wasn't even good. Of course, there are no regrets here, we learn from our mistakes and experiences to make us strronger and better. So, no 2009 you won't be missed and 2010 here I come!

I feel like now more than ever I can start over fresh, I'm older and single. There will be many new beginnings and new adventures to come. I'm so excited that I can finally just begin all over again. I have never really had a chance to begin something like this because I was either too young to realize or was tied down.

So to begin this new year with a bang, I am about to get my nose pierced I am SOOO nervous but after the 2 seconds of pain, it will be worth it! I plan to make many changes with myself [not all physical lol] so I am excied and nervous to see what the new year brings me.

SO EVERYONE please be safe and have a great new year!

So who's ready to start a new year with me?!


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