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Sigma Brushes Review....finally

So, if you guys are subscribed to me on YouTube [http://www.youtube.com/themakeup1o1 ..go subscrube!] you would have seen my Sigma Brushes review video. And if you guys read my blog, you know I suck at updating it. So as I sit here at midnight wide awake, what better to do than do my review on my blog....a few months later, but still good right? Well, I am actually glad that I didn't do my review on my blog right away because now I have had more time to thoroughly review each and every one of the brushes that were in the set.

You can purchase these brushes in different sets, individuals, etc. at www.sigmamakeup.com
I purchased the Complete Face & Eye Kit $79 with the brush roll.
& on July 20th they are coming out with a travel set which I plan to get because it's great for keeping in your purse or at your desk at work! & maybe even a short trip.

So this is what all of the brushes look like in the roll, this roll is nice but definitely not the best. The material is somewhat flimsy and to be honest, kind of smells. It came in a mesh like tie bag, and wrapped in wrapping paper. I love that they took the time to wrap it up because it shows that they really care about their product and I feel that it's a bit more unique and personal. But anyways this brush roll is decent for storing my brushes in when I bring them along when I travel. Overall, very nice to keep my brushes in :]

So, moving onto each of the brushes! This kit comes with four of the essential face brushes. You have your powder, stippling, contour, and a liquid/concealer brush. In order from right to left.

SS150 Large Powder Brush- This brush is so soft & so dense it is perfect to apply your finishing powder or your powder foundation for a flawless finish.

SS187 Duo Fiber Brush- This brush is pretty well known as the "skunk" brush and known to stipple your foundation on for that flawless face. Yeah, it gives you that airbrushed look, but I much prefer this brush to apply my blush or to spray some fix+ on my face for that dewy kind of look.

SS168 Large Angled Contour Brush- This brush is angled for a contoured perfected look. I absolutely love this look to create that hollow under your check bone and great for those who don't have a defined cheek bone. This helps create one that you never had before! This is a must have for my everyday looks, it is the cherry on top!

SS190 Foundation Brush- On YouTube, I have seen many people use this brush as a concealer brush to conceal larger areas, but for me this is my all time favorite foundation brush. It covers my "problem" areas without looking cakey and not using too much product. This is my holy grail foundation brush.

This kit comes with a variety of different eye brushes, there's a brush for every look! You will be able to find a brush for every occasion that you need to go to! In order from right to left.

SS239 Eye Shading Brush - This brush is so soft and dense at the same time which makes it great to pack on the color and make it intense! This and the SS252 are the brushes I use everyday.

SS275 Medium Angled Shading Brush - This is the only brush I will ever use to create my smokey eye. Having monolids it does make it a little big harder to do, but with this brush it makes it so easy and is so quick! It creates that outer "V" with ease.

SS252 Large Shader Brush - Like I said before, this is one of the brushes I grab for everyday and the reason is because to make your look more defined by adding a darker color to the outter part of your eyelid it makes it effortless and looks great in seconds! This brush is PHENOMENAL for pigments and so firm!

SS194 Concealer Brush - This brush is the perfect size because it can really get into the troubled spots and really conceal and concentrate on that one area. It's also great for your under eye concealing as well.

SS224 Tapered Blending Brush - I like to use this brush to blend out the harsh edges of my eyeshadow or to apply my highlight color or to even just apply color all over the lid for the soft look.

SS219 Pencil Brush - I actually rarely use this brush, I honestly don't know why but I just never use it! The only purpose I have ever used this for is applying color to my bottom lash line and it works great for that! But other than that I never grab for this brush.

SS209 Eyeliner Brush - This is AMAZINGGG for applying a cream eyeliner to my top lid. It can create just a thin line for definition or a little bit thicker line for a more dramatic look.

SS266 Small Angle Brush - This brush is made to make precise lines, but I use this everyday to fill in my eyebrows. Perfect size to fill them in!

For their individual bushes they have the SS109, SS188, & the SS150. I bought the because I wanted the smaller stippling brush for my foundation. This brush is great for getting that airbrushed look, but it seems to me like it uses a lot of foundation than normal. I prefer my SS190 for a lighter, more natural look. But I do take out my SS188 for a more flawless, full coverage look. I will be buying the SS109 to see how that one works out because I have been wanting that one as well. My sister has the SS150 and she lovess it and says it's the softest thing ever!

I forgot to mention that with every order, they come with a free ELF [Eyeslipsface] eyeshadow that comes with four colors to create a smokey eye. I haven't used this yet, but I swatched them all and they are very pigmented! So I am looking forward to testing these out soon! I think it's super nice that they give everyone a free eyeshadow!

So, that is my review of the Sigma Makeup Brushes! I can honestly say that I am very impressed with the quality of these brushes and I will buy more in the future. I was to try the individual ones and I will be getting the travel set to keep with me. But, I must admit I DO NOT have the MAC brushes to compare them to, but they are on my list so I can fully compare them for you guys. But from the ones I have seen, they are pretty similar but not identical. I hope that you guys found this informative and if you guys have any other questions please feel free to ask in the comments below!

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