Monday, July 6, 2009

The Monday Poll 7/6/09

The Monday Poll

Mood: Tired, I'm at work right now

First words out of my mouth this morning: ughhh..i don't wanna get up!

What I’m looking forward to this week: going to the city tomorrow-doing more shopping! ughhh and spending time with my bf now that he's back!

One thing I’d like to improve about myself: to only buy the things i truly need

On my makeup lust list: Giorgio Armani foundation, MSFs from the color craft, YSL faux cils, and moreee

Last dream I can remember: i never remember my dreams :[

Cheeks: Cheeks: Solar Riche & On a Mission

Lips: Just Good ol' burts bees chapstick :]

Dress Capris, Shirt from Urban Outfitters, Cardigan from H & M

Weekly goals: 1. Update my blog more. 2. Spend less money. 3. Make more videos.

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