Thursday, July 23, 2009

Swatches from Lorraine's Blog Sale!

So I bought a few items from Lorraine's blog sale aka thecurrentcustom so here are the swatches!
More haul pictures to come tomorrow...or later today haha.

I got a shadestick in Pink Couture. Such a cute name! And I've never had a shadestick but I have been wanting one to try because it's like instant color. So I definitely want to try more!

Then I bought a paint pot in Soft Ochre and a Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Sand Castle. Now, some of you might thing that Soft Ochre is way to light for my skin tone, well my eyelids are actually a lot lighter than the rest of my face, so blended out well it's perfect! I love the thick consistency of them because they make the eyeshadow much more vibrant! The Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadow is a gorgeous color for a quick look as well & doesn't smudge!

I have been wanting this FOREVER the Seche Base Ridge Filler. This stuff is AMAZING! I have little ridges on my toenails and on my finger nails [from acrylics] and after I put this stuff on, it's like they were never there! Make sure to let it dry completely or else the first coat of nail polish will be streaky, from experience just let it dry all the way.

And last but not least, the one item that started this all. MAC's blush in Azalea. This is a pro item and this picture does not even do it justice to show you just how pink this is. One swipe on my 188 and that is already too much! You definitely have to have a light hand to apply this baby on, but the payoff is sooo pretty! I'm so glad I bought this color! It makes me look awake and alive when deep down I'm still asleep. So glad I got this color!

Thanks for reading as always!
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Love ya!

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