Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Swatches: MAC Venemous Villains

So I know this collection came out awhile ago but I'm now just getting around to filming my haul & posting swatches of the items I got. The collection was huge and I figured I would get way more than what I did but here's what I got from that collection:

Nail Polish in Formidable!:

Blush in Bite of an apple:

Eyeshadow in Vainglorious:

Mineralized Eyeshadow in My Dark Magic:

Mineralized Eyeshadow in She who dares:

So that is all that I got from the huge Venemous Villains collection from MAC, I've been pretty good about setting aside the makeup I buy to do swatches for you guys, to tell you the truth I am more of a blogger than a YouTuber. I hope these swatches are helpful, tutorials with these products will be coming soon and reviews as well since a lot of these products (mineralized eyeshadows) are new to me!

If you guys have any requests for any swatches, please ask and I will swatch away! :]

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. Lucky! That nail polish looks so pretty! And the packaging is great!