Monday, June 22, 2009


...Because i kind of suck at updating my blog. Ooops! sorry guys!

So i ordered a bunch of stuff last week so hopefully i should be getting everything sometime this week & doing a video!

-Coastal Scents is having free shipping for orders over $50, which is normally $100 and i know i probably will end up ordering some stuff because i do know that when it is $100 i tend to buy more makeup than i shoul :X

-For all of you bone, beige, & emphasize lovers or any other sculpt powders from MAC they are re-promoting them in October. So don't waste your money spending extra money on them!

-It seems like the drugstore makeup brands are starting to come out with more and more good quality things so i figure, subscribers out there want good quality cheaper products. Am i right?

-A while back my sister ordered Candles by Victoria, but since she doesn't do videos i decided i would review them for her! lol

-I'm going to start a series of videos doing different looks on my sister since she has kind of a double eye lid, whereas i don't

*If you guys have any certain looks or any questions about anything leave a comment below and i'll get back to you as soon as i can! I love ya!


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