Saturday, August 22, 2009

Upcoming MAC Collections!

Here are some of the upcoming MAC collections:
All of the information & pictures can be found by clicking the collection and it will direct you to :]

8/27 - Jin Soon Choi [Nail Polish]
8/27 - Flirt
9/24 - Style Black Collection
10/12 - D Squared

First off let me say, I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL D SQUARED! But let's start from the beginning
Here's my little wants list for each collection:

Jin Soon Choi
Delicious; For Fun
-Beyond Jealous
-Cool Reserve
-Dance All Night
But I'll have to check them out in person if they haven't changed their formula for this collection, because as we all know, their formula sucks!

This collection is purely dedicated to eyelashes, and I honestly don't need any. But we'll see :]

Style Black Collection
Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
-Grease Paintstick
-214 Brush
As for the nail polishes, I'll have to see them in person. Everything looks so cool in this collection, but I feel it's more for the pros because honestly, black lipstick? I wouldn't wear that on a daily basis. haha

D Squared
-Nude Rose Lipstick
-Fuchsia Fix Lip Conditioner
-Bright Blue Violet Grease Paintstick
-Bright Yellow Blue Grease Painstick
-BOTH sculpt and shape powder duos
-165 Brush
OMG! Can this collection come any sooner? I basically want everything! I'm so happy the sculpt & shape powder duos are coming back because I missed them the last time! I might stock up :]

So those are the collections that I'm aware of as of right now. Tomorrow, I'm going to get the makeup art cosmetics collection :] I'm so excited! So expect haul/swatches!

Thank you guys for reading!
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