Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I feel bad....

It seems like I never update my blog, and that is true. But I never like to admit it, ahh! It's just I never have any time to sit here and type everything out. I wish there was some sort of program that just read my mind, because there are sooo many things I want to review or post here! So, I'm going to try really really hard to blog more often.

So here's my list of to do blogging:
-Talika Results
-Drugstore quad reviews
-Haul pics!!
-my wants list [uh oh]
-MAC upcoming collections

& anything else you guys want me to review or start doing on my blog, just let me know!

My family seeing what animal they are compatible at jumping! [San Diego]

My sister

My dad, of course got the farthest jump!

My aunt

And, my mom haha struggling because she was holding all of our purses!

& I forgot to get a picture of myself jumping!

So, yeah I hope I'll actually stick to my word about blogging. *Crosses fingers*
Talk to ya sooon!!

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