Thursday, January 7, 2010

Recent MAC Collections

For some odd reason, I have not been to MAC in awhile now! The last collection I got items from was the holiday collection when it first came out so about two months ago [?]. Anyways, since then they have come out with three more collections: Love Lace, Warm & Cozy, and the all age, sex blahblah collection. While they all look amazing and I want to get all of it, for some reason I cannot pull myself to go there to check them out.

I think the main part of this is because I'm tired of collections. I want to finally start my permanent MAC collection. I don't like having limited edition items when other people won't be able to get them or once I run out I can't get them again.

Does anyone else feel like that? So unless a collection has AMAZINGG products or anything like that I want to start to work on my permanent items because as of right now most of my MAC collection is limited edition items. Also I feel like all the products are the same for these three collections because they are all neutrals!

Who knows maybe I'll go out to check them out tomorrow. haha
Goodnight & sweet dreams.


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