Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today I bought my Flip Mino HD! The reason why I bought this camera and not the others is because this video camera is going to be dedicated to vlogging and bringing the camera around with me blahblahblah and when I'm not around my laptop to film.

I'm going to LA [if work gives me the time off!] next week for a few days to go shopping [:D] and I primarily bought the camera so I can document all the fun! I hope you guys will enjoy these kinds of videos cause it gives you an inside scoop in my personal ilfe!

So I got 2 days shipping which means it will be here on THURSDAYYY! Woohoo! Yay for faster shipping! And I plan to do a vlog before I leave to test out the camera and stuff.

I am going to buy a HD camcorder eventually...just not now because I don't think that it is a necessity and it can wait especially the big price tag that goes along with those cameras!

I hope you guys enjoy the upcoming "follow me" type vlogs and get to know me better :]


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