Monday, July 26, 2010

Ever get bored of your room?

Of course this isn't my room, I just wanted to show a picture of a nice clean room hahaha - unlike mine.
That's exactly how I've been feeling for the past 3984729387423 yearssssssss! Not really of course but, I have such an odd room shape and where the vents are located there's really only one certain spot to have my bed since it is a full sized bed - which means my furniture in my room has stayed in the same exact spot for my entire life. So I've always thought about changing my furniture around and for the past couple days I've had insomnia and been cleaning my room like no other and now I REALLLLY want to change my room around!

Trust me I've measured, drawn out, done everything to figure out what I can do with my room....NOTHINGG!

So I guess I'll just have to stick to buying new organizational items for my room and makeup storage. Do you guys have any suggestions/ideas for places or online websites where I can get cute stuff? Once I get my room super clean and to the point where I want to show it off I'll do a video on it but until then it'll have to wait! Sorry for the late night ramble but just wanted to blog a little :] Going hiking and laying out by the pool for a relaxing day off tomorrow!


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