Monday, July 26, 2010

Hiking day yet again

What an amazing day off! Even though I think I now have insomnia and only got 5 hours of sleep before I woke up and went hiking with my friend..I'm still not tired and feel soo refreshed! I love those days when you wake up early and have things to do rather than sleep in and sleep half of the day off.

I always go to sleep at a late time usually around 2 or 3 in the morning but lately I've been a super insomniac aka staying up still 5 in the morning cleaning and organizing my room - refer to the post before this one- but I've been really into cleaning and getting my room perfect lately!

So now I'm just watching the boyfriend play basketball on this gorgeous summer day! Went hiking earlier aka my new favorite thing to get excercise and then went to lay out by the pool soooo relaxing!

I've also been super productive now that I'm a super insomniac haha I've edited 4 videos! Now to just upload them...and ill make a full on blog post later! The feeling of being productive is amazingggg..
^ follow to find out what I'm going to do the rest of the day!


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