Thursday, July 8, 2010


Random photo:

I forgot my camera battery at my sisters house, so I have no way of uploading the pictures from the zoo yesterday or any other pictures at that! And today was super boring, so I have nothing really to talk about. MAN! And I was doing so good at posting a blog at least once a day. I was going to record a video when I got home today, but my eye went crazy and started acting funny and watering non stop so I had to take off all my makeup so no video today except I am uploading my IMATS Pasadena haul!

Later on today I might do an IMATS recap, but there's not too much to talk about lol. I went shopping on because I haven't went clothing shopping in awhile and boy did I find a bunch of stuff I liked! I am in troubleeeeeee, hopefully I will put my order in tomorrow :]

ANWAYSSS request any videos you would like me to record tomorrow. Have a great night!


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