Sunday, July 11, 2010

Recap of yesterday!

Yesterday was crazy busy! I have been trying to be good about posting at least one post a day, if not more! But yesterday, I went with a friend to assist her in freelancing for an Indian wedding. Now, I don't freelance but I thought it would be a good experience in case I ever want to in the future just to see what the process is, what goes on "behind the scenes", what items to bring, etc. Let's just say you have to work fast! I didn't get any pictures of the actual bride but of course she did she looked gorgeous!

To be honest, after going with her I've always done my friends, family, their friends, etc. hair and makeup but I want to look into doing hair more often I think it's so fun! Anyways, sorry it's such a short post I'll be posting some old swatches after this.

Have a great night!

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