Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rihanna in Seventeen Magazine Inspired Makeup

[Insert Seventeen Cover here]
^ That's right, they don't have the front cover of Seventeen Magazine online yet! Either that or it's very hard to find..because I've been searching for an hour trying to find it! Maybe eventually it'll be online when the next issue comes out.

Anyways...I was reading this magazine and I fell in love with this look! It is such a nice summery, everyday look! This look just screams summer to me!

This is my first inspired look and I had so much fun! If you guys have any requests on a certain look or celebrity just request down below!



  1. it would make more sense if you were to post instructions on how to actually create the looks or, in the very least, the names of the products you used. Otherwise its just like "oh nice. A picture where she's wearing red eyeshadow."