Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Late Late Late Swatches - Makeup Art Supply Collection

So I was going through my camera...and realized I never posted these pictures! So here we are, the only reason why I decided to still post these (even tho I'm what..2 months late?) is because I use these liners/grease paint sticks almost everyday! So it'll always be here to refer back to to see the actual color!


Grease Painsticks:

Hopefully next time I won't be months late posting the swatches! I loveloveloveee all of the colors & quality of these liners/grease paintsticks! I HIGHLY recommend getting these babies if you have the chance!


DISCLAIMER: Everything was purchased by me.


  1. I've got my only grease paint stick in Dirty and it's gorgeous!!! Nice haul :)

  2. That's my favorite grease paint stick out of all the ones I got :]