Monday, August 9, 2010


I've never known if I could pull off a blazer or not but I absolutely love the look and what they can do to an outfit. I've always used cardigans the way people use blazers - as a cover up or to accentuate an outfit. Well I was on a hunt for a cute blazer that didn't cost too much because I'm not even sure if ill ever wear it!

I saw target had one for 30 dollars and was about to get that one when I stopped into H&M and saw this one for just 5 more dollars. I got it right then because I saw other ones for 80 and above!

Maybe ill do a blogpost or video on different ways to style it? I'm not too sure because I have no idea when ill wear it I just new I had to have one so when I do want to wear it ill have it.


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