Monday, August 16, 2010

Outdoor shopping

I tweeted this picture earlier and thought I'd do a short post on why I love outdoor shopping, so random I know. Today we had dinner and went shopping at the Americana. Don't get me wrong I love shopping anywhere and I love malls because there obviously are going to be more stores in one area.

I love outdoor shopping because it seems so more luxurious and relaxing. I love just taking a stroll and popping into a store that you want to browse in. This particular place was my first time there and the scenery was so gorgeous. The apartments above cost a fortune but I would die to live in one. The thought of being able to go downstairs in the morning to grab coffee or just go shopping seems like complete bliss. I love the city and the way everything is. I live in an area where you have to drive everywhere, haha.

I would much rather go shopping outside than inside but you can't have both combined unless you want to be walking for days to go to all your fav shops so once in awhile I like to go outdoors, this one had a forever 21 and H&M!

Have a good night, and happy shopping!

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