Thursday, August 5, 2010

Maybelline Define a Brow - Gone so quick?!

It might be my imagination (and I'm regretting not showing my haul on this product), but I thought I bought my Maybelline Define A Brow not too long ago - possibly a month ago? And I JUST ran out yesterday and freaked out and ran to target to get another one. Now I don't really mind because it's my all time favorite brow product EVER and it only costs 5 or 6 dollars, but I feel it should last longer than a month? I do use it everyday but still! Has anyone else had this problem with it running out so fast? Or maybe I just use my too much or I have no idea!

Anyways, we shall see when we buy the next one because now I have it documented on when I got the last one!


Everything shown was purchased by me!

p.s. I'll be doing an eyebrow tutorial/review on this holy grail pencil!

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